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Welcome to Amoureux De Mystère ( 'Mystery Lovers' in french), the unofficial James Wilson & Lisa Cuddy Fanlisting! This fanlisting is part of the ever so popular . a Fanlisting is just what the word suggests, a site with a list of people who are fans of a certain topic/person/thing/relationship.  Read the rules before joining, and please, please, if you have a site, link back to here. Lisa Cuddy ( Lisa Edelstien) & James Wilson ( Robert Sean Leonard) are two doctors that work at Princeton  Plainsboro Teaching Hospital ( PPTH).  Dr. Cuddy is the Dean of Medicine at PPTH. She's smart, sassy, and stubborn. She is currently in search of a sperm donor so she can have a kid. Dr. Wilson is the Head of Oncology at PPTH. He is funny, sweet, but has his stubborn edge and believes in what he knows. House's best friend for, God knows how long, he has a knack for being thanked for telling people they are dying. He has a boyish charm to him, and slight boyish looks.  Both are strong people, with ambitions, and they get along well. They both, including Dr. Cameron ( Jennifer Morrison) , are the only people who can handle Dr. House ( Hugh Laurie) . In Season One, they do not seem to be TO close, but they are friends. Season Two, they spend a bit more time together as Dr. House is dealing with relationship problems with his ex, Stacey ( Selia Ward) and his obvious interest in Dr. Cameron. They both try to help out and make sure the hospital doesn't go down, or House, get fired.  SPOILERS FOR S3 ! In S3, it seems that they are spending a LOT more time together. In fact, you almost never see one without the other.  They're glued to the hip. Plus, they seem much more pysichally comfortable around eachother, which is shown in little things, hands on the back, leaning closer to eachother, and a couple of innuendos remarks, one made by Dr. Wilson in Lines in the Sand .

Cuddy: [ as Wilson stops halfway down the steps] are we stopping here so that House doesn't 'find us'?

Wilson: No, unless you want to make out.

She looks fine with his remark and goes on about House and his ku. If you know the show, you know that Wilson wouldn't make those remarks to a woman he wasn't in a relationship with.  Three times divorsed, I'm sure everyone is hoping Wilson won't screw this up.



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